Nellai Marathon

Nellai Marathon 2018 – South Tamilnadu’s Largest Marathon

India is the second largest food producer in the World after China contributing to about 10.04% of the total World’s food production. But, India ranked 100th position among the 119 countries in the Global Hunger Index report 2017 with a score of 31.4 and placed in high end of “Serious” hunger category.

One third of edible food produces ends as wastes and it can be reduced only by creating awareness and sensitizing people on “Food Waste” and by cultivating the behavior of treating “Food as a Common resource” to all human on earth. Also, they have to be motivated through several awareness activities to reduce food waste and to share their edible surplus food with needy and poor.

So, No Food Waste has been organizing awareness sessions and events in communities, educational institutions etc. in collaboration with like-minded organizations to sensitize people about the value of food and hunger.

As a part of this social awareness initiative, No Food Waste has joined hands in the “NELLAI MARATHON” as the official Charity Partner.

Nellai Marathon is the South Tamilnadu’s Largest Marathon and organized by the Nellai Runners, a non-profit organization based in Tirunelveli. The first edition of this marathon was conducted in 2014 and had more than 5000 runners.

Nellai Marathon 2018 includes,

  • Half-Marathon (21Kms)
  • 10Kms and
  • 5Kms

About Nellai Runners:

Nellai Runners are a group of running, cycling and fitness enthusiasts who love the outdoors and are passionate about our environment. Their primary goal is to promote healthy living and fitness. They organize running and fitness events throughout the year in addition to weekly running and strength training plans.

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