Food and Beverage ATM

Food and Beverage ATM

Our Concept

F&B ATM will be placed in restaurants, people who dine in will receive the F&B Coupons, they can provide the coupons for the needy people whom they spot on the road or their surroundings

How is it used?

The needy people with the coupons can come to F&B location and exchange the coupons for food which is stored

How it sustains?

People who wish to store in the ATM can store, or they can also donate money on their special day and celebrate the day with the needy

It costs Rs.30,000 to buy a new refrigerator.

It takes Rs.3,000 to refill our ATM  with food and beverage which can serve around 30 people. share your special with the needy by donating us here.


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